In any book chronicling the history of Latin music, you will surely find more than a few words about Conjunto Clásico. It is regarded as the premier Conjunto and is respected for maintaining the traditions of its Puerto Rican and Afro Cuban roots.

In describing the Conjunto sound, one must trace back to Cuba, based on the Arsenio Rodríguez Conjunto  style that included

trumpets and Tres (similar to a twelve-string guitar) added to the traditional Piano, Bass and Rhythm section. Under the direction and leadership of Ramón Castro, Conjunto Clásico expands on that sound by maintaining the traditions of Puerto Rican influences and that aggressive New York style harmony vocals lead by Tito Nieves, with tailor-made compositions written by Ramón Rodríguez. The unique sound sets this band apart from all the rest.

Latin Grammy Awards nominated for salsa album of the year! For Conjunto Clasico “Recuerdos” Album.

With 18 recordings under its label, Conjunto Clásico has given birth to some of the finest talent in today’s music. They include, Daniel Santos, Tito Nieves, Johnny Rivera, Tito Allen, Rafael De Jesús, Julio Barreto and David Navedo.

The musical arrangements have always been top notch – with the talents of José Febles, Luis "Perico" Ortiz, Marty Sheller, Louis Ramírez, Louis Cruz, Ricky González, Robert Navarro and Ramón Sánchez.

The Conjunto Clásico recordings, swing just as much as the band’s live performances, thanks to Ramón Castro’s vision and dedication.

Conjunto Clásico music is known throughout the world, particularly in places such as Puerto Rico, Panama, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Canada, Dominican Republic and Africa. They also have a strong following in Europe and have toured throughout Holland, and Germany. Conjunto Clasico has performed for the president of Suriname in the Amazone. Prince Hassan of Morocco requested Clásico to perform for his birthday celebration.

As we entered the New Millennium, Conjunto Clásico has produced a more contemporary sound utilizing modern effects in combination with Clásico’s traditional sound. The ensemble’s work has bridged the generational gap in the Salsa music genre, helping traditional and young audiences share a musical commonality.

Conjunto Clásico is now releasing its 18th CD, titled Si Ella Estuviera. The recording featuring new lead vocalist and composer Héctor Luis with new songs by legendary composer Ramón Rodríguez.

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